Thursday, 12 March 2015


What da hell? I've often heard about high levels of
 crime rate in Johannesburg South Africa, but never knew it was this extreme.
A popular South African Journalist named Vuyo Mvoko was robbed at gunpoint moments before a live broadcast earlier this week.

The well-known journalist was outside of a Johannesburg hospital reporting on Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu when he was approached by two men. As one man tried to grab a cell phone from Mvoko, another pulled a gun out. Both men can be seen walking across the camera as the broadcast aired live.
“Hopefully someone will be able to identify them and get them arrested,” Mr Mvoko told the BBC’s Newsday programme.
“I couldn’t understand why they’d walk right in front of the camera because the light is on and they could see that – and our car is branded, so they could see that this is a live broadcast.”
The journalist says one of the suspects threatened to shoot him if he didn’t turn over his phone.
“Because I wasn’t giving him the phone, he then called the other one who had a gun, and said: ‘Dubula le nja’ [Shoot this dog],” Mr Mvoko told SABC.
The suspects stole a total of three phones and a laptop that was used during the broadcast. Mvoko and his team were unharmed.

Source:NBC News

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