Saturday, 21 March 2015


Now this is a really sensitive topic . Imagine growing up as a lady only to find out you have been given a name like '' Obumneke'', ''Ikechukwu'', ''Akpan'', Muyiwa or as a guy you are named Adamma, Titi, or  bizzare names like Light, Sunshine, Money etc  how would you feel? I for sure would change it ASAP.

I once had a  male friend who was given a negative Nigerian native name out of ignorance. He narrated how this name affected him all through his childhood. It not only affected his esteem, but his personality, and his performance at anything he put his hands to.
He later changed his name to Wisdom and his life changed for the best.
I also came across a young man whose name is Salary and was curious as to why he was given such a name and he hadn't a solid clue.
Celebs are often fond of giving their kids unique names like Apple, Ginger, Rainbow, North etc.
The height is Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. The couple have kept the name of their first baby girl a secret for a while.
 Ryan, 38 however recently revealed that their newborn daughter's name is James.
Question is why name a baby girl James? Would she be pleased to grow up and discover she was named James,  a rather masculine name?
I think parents should take into consideration the kind of names they give their kids. Names are sensitive and can affect an individual. Remember Jabez in the bible who changed his name tagged’’ born out sorrow'' after an intense prayer to God. God also changed Jacob's name to Isreal, and Elijah's name to Elisha.

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