Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Four days had passed and I began getting upset realizing the holiday was almost over. As I lay pondering over what new year's resolutions I would make and changes I'd love to effect in my life, a text message beeped on my phone. I got excited , Buchi had finally reached out , however my excitement quickly fizzled when I discovered he  had texted to inform me he was being hospitalised and was to undergo surgery. My heart skipped.
Things hadn't been really smooth between us but I still loved and wanted the best for him. I quickly requested he send me the hospital address and name.
I resolved I'd have to be by his side this trying times , would spend nights in the hospital regardless of whatever discomfort I may face.
A couple of hours later, he texted the address with a huge unforgettable clause which read 
'' You will be coming as a friend''.
'I'd be coming as a friend'?
What the hell did he mean by that? I got the message and tried to decipher what he actually meant by that. Did it mean he had broken up with me? Was there someone else?
I quickly dismissed my bizarre and outrageous thoughts and focused on the fact he needed my presence and I had to be supportive during his trying times.
I could hardly wait for the next day as I packed my bags ready to meet him in Delta.
After what seemed like over two hours on the road with slight hassles, I finally made it to the hospital and his ward.
I met his mum looking stressed and tired . I sensed she had fears  and worried for her son's life. She filled me in on what had happened and said he was currently  undergoing surgery.
Oh wow, my baby in surgery , I felt sad and wished I were by his side to comfort him in the theatre.
Just as I was about putting my travelling bag in place beneath the hospital bed, I stumbled upon Buchi's phones. I guess his mum kept them on a stool after she got tired holding on to them.
'Tess , pick up the phone, scroll and go through it' a voice said. 'Don't do it Tess, you do not want to find something awful and what you did not bargain for'. After what seemed like 10 mins of an internal battle, I picked up courage to go through Buchi's phones damning all consequences.
What I discovered was shocking, heartbreaking and left me with feelings of a knife piercing through  my chest.

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