Sunday, 21 February 2016


Making a statement: The series captures couples of all races, genders and ages, and also depicts some LGBT pairings, such as this one

New York City-based photographer Substantia Jones' Adipositivity Project aims to show that love has no specific shape or form, but can always be seen as beautiful.
She took to her website sharing intimate pictures of couples of varying sizes and races. Her aim is to pass the message that fat people are worthy of love as well as those who belong to the LGBT community. Hmmmmm, what do you think?

Sweet kiss: Substantia shot some of the images in vibrant colors, while others were done in black and white 

Make your own rules: The photographer hopes that her images will help to show others that they don't need to confirm to society's stereotypical views of what love 'should' look like

Getting close: Some of the pictures in the series show people of varying sizes who are in a relationship

Honest portrayal: Substantia's subjects for this series are from marginalized populations, including the LGBT community, that rarely see themselves represented in the media

Not true: Substantia explained that their are people who believe 'fat people are unworthy of love' 

Moment of bliss: Some of the images see couples naked and cuddling in bed together

Source:Sunstantia Jones . Adiopositivity project

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