Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Lyle and Kirstie Fisher from Perth in Western Australia have been together for seven years and are raising three children together - they also happen to be first cousinsKirstie's daughter Miranda (left) has a different father, but the couple have two children together - Alex, 5, and Zachary, 2. Their daughter Danica died from complications during birth three years ago

 Kristie and Lyle who happen to be first cousin's are married with 3 kids.Though the oldest a girl happens to be from Kristie's relationship with another guy.

Kirstie and Lyle, whose father's are brothers and grew up in different states, first met at a family wedding in Perth when she was nine years old.  They had an eye for each other instantly. Though distance got them apart, the duo became closer after Lyle stayed with Kristie's family during  a burial ceremony of an aunt of theirs. Kristie who was 17 at that time  says she tried to fight off feelings for Lyle, knowing they were related but it was hard. They kissed , cuddled and she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Kirstie, 29, says they dealt with disapproving family members and friends who abandoned them after they went public with their feelings and desire to be married. Her father in particular called her disgusting and has refused to speak to them till date.
'The worst comment I've had is that our kids will grow two heads and we should go to Tasmania,' she said.
'Even last week I had a confrontation with a woman at my children's school. She told me I should be shot and my kids taken away from us.
'If what everybody said bothered us, we wouldn't be together. The fact is without Lyle, I am not a complete person.
'I love Lyle and I won't stop loving him.'
The pair ignored what people had to say after Lyle's mum got evidence that it wasn't illegal for them to be married but suffered opposition from her family. She said 
'After a while my mum understood that I was happy and so she is happy for me. My two brothers are okay with it and so is Lyle's sister,' .

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