Tuesday, 10 February 2015


It actually came out a week ago, just got to know (been busy with work). Am I the happiest girl or what woop woop!. I have infected my mum , aunts, friends and colleagues with my love for the series. To express my love, I never lend the movie out.
You either buy  yours or make out a weekend to watch it in my house. I'm that drunk in love with the series.
Anyway, the housewives are back again. Loveth and her gimmicks with men, Aisha with her hot shape ( Jocelyn Dumas, God created you well), Peace and her spirikoko, Miranda and her bold and bossy attitude, Cleo , and Uju my favourite who is a super hustler heeeeehe.
I'm so excited yayayayyayyayyay!!!
A big shout out to Blessing Egbe. She is too talented. Writer, producer and director kimon #Girlonfire#

Check out the trailer below

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