Thursday, 8 January 2015


It had been months and the relationship between nowhere. I did most of the calling, texting, checking up and all.
After what seemed like hardwork without desired results , we still remained good friends , but then I gave up.

I felt I was working too hard, and I wasn't pleased about it.
Jumoke and Efosa felt sad for me. The wished that things went as I planned.
Fast forward two weeks later, I had moved on and gotten into the usual swing of things.
I constantly had to put up with Efosa and Jumoke's bickering and everything around me seemed distasteful. Like Cupid sensed my frustrations and loneliness, I met Umar.
Umar was drawn to me after he heard me speak at a phone fix shop. We became fast friends and not only was he cute, but also charismatic, smart, huge and super generous.
Meeting Umar erased every thought of Vincent in my head.
While our relationship blossomed, the nagging reminder that he was  Muslim kept creeping up.
Being Muslim could sabotage our chances of taking our friendship to the next level , and it was giving me great cause for concern.
I simply decided to let things flow and leave all my wories behind but Cupid wasn't done with me.
Despite being Umartoxicated , Chidozie a family friend of mine was hot  and also on my case.
He was super cute and had good qualities that would appeal to women.
While I considered Dozie as having more potential in the future husband department compared to Umar, there was still something uniquely special about Umar that got me glued to him.

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