Friday, 9 January 2015


Warning signs: According to her school friends, she had previously claimed Vaida was her first love but complained that he drank too much and became violent when he was drunk

Wow, that is why I advice anyone with phones that update messages with regards thier locations on facebook to turn the updates off.

A jilted teenager strangled his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend after using her Facebook posts to track her movements in Romania.

Eduard Vaida, 17, began stalking Paula Dindiligan when she ended their two-year relationship alleging that he had hit her after becoming overly jealous.
After his arrest, he immediately confessed to the murder and a chilling boast, he told police: 'I was looking in her eyes as she died.'
Paula had caught a bus to her local skating rink and when she didn't return home that evening her parents raised the alarm in their hometown of Baia Sprie in northern Romania's Maramures County.
Police checked CCTV footage which showed that she had left the rink - and tracked her movements before eventually discovering her body on a patch of wasteland.

Ex-boyfriend Vaida was immediately suspected by police and when he was arrested he admitted to the crime, claiming he had been drunk when he dragged off the road and killed her.
He said: 'I put my hands around her neck as I lay on top of her and I strangled her. I was looking in her eyes as she died.' 

He told officers that he desperately wanted to get back together with her and could not accept that she wanted to leave him - and that he had only wanted to talk to her.
He admitted he had been stalking her under the belief that she might be meeting another man - and had managed to follow her by using updates on her Facebook account which told friends what she was doing.

Source: Daily Mail

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