Thursday, 14 November 2013


Blogging can be fun until you get strange mails capable of making your eye pop.
I was in copy of the mail below and my eyes literally popped seeing all the vulgar and sexual words laid out in the mail.
From the mail, I was able to decipher that some guy (name not mentioned) is seriously bitter with a branch head of Diamond Bank in Calabar and a certain lady named Karachi .
He wrote this mail, mentioning names and numbers with key details of certain events which transpired between some names mentioned ( Na wa oooo ) and also quoted some biblical scriptures ( see gobe / gbegeee).
I was simply lost for words after I read the mail.
Could this be a case of pure sabotage , denting a name , blackmail or is this really  true?
Please read the mail below and air your thoughts.


The truth and nothing but the truth save in life. Miss dirty prostitute karachi Nwachukwu continue to tell lies to everyone when you fucked me, Ifeanyi fifi Onuoha, Ifeanyi skp (skipo) Opara who a woman Onyinye Ugbo married instead of him to marry a woman, Ik Mbachu, Emmanuel Musa, Achilles neighbours in Shell Camp, bastard tochukwu Charles, Jude scanoho, Vincent and a married man Obinna Abara many times, and other married men and single boys in the other cities and towns in Nigeria who you fuck as your dirty wayward married sisters still do.

You lied i fuck only your married sisters, and didnt tell everyone about Ik Mbachu, i and others that you fuck and that you fucked the married men i saw you with when i came to Nigeria of which 1 is Barrister Njoku and the other one Ogugua is your stupid elder sister's husband. Mr Njoku Amanze continue to plan on how to assassinate the sons of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, nephew of the Minister of Information, Ziakede Akpobolokemi, Dr Christy Atako who God will always and forever bless because in 7 May 2013 she told karachi to stop lying, Ifeanyi fifi Onuoha in Owerri, and others because of the lies from barren whore karachi. 

Well all i will say are:
1. Karachi Nwachukwu and prostitute sisters (Njideka Nwachukwu-Njoku, Nkechi Nwachukwu-Nkwoada and Momea Nwachukwu-Njoku) who karachi said fucked me or i fucked while they were married, without her fucking me, “let your conversations be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have (Hebrews 13: 5 – 6)”

The truth is that you secret sex workers are cursed for life and need God's deliverance. You people's situation is beyond amendment. 

Karachi Nwachukwu, if you want to make heaven, renounce your sins and stop sleeping around with married men and single boys, as well as doing what the Futo's professor's son Obioma Bobby Onuoha advised you to do. I wonder how on earth in this modern day generation, will Obioma Bobby Onuoha a Futo's professor's son advise secret sex worker Karachi Nwachukwu to allow married men and single boys ejaculate on her after having sex with them, and after they finished rubbing their penis on her clitoris severally till they ejaculate.

2. “And it came to pass after these things, that Portiphar's wife cast her eyes upon Joseph, and she said sleep with me (Genesis 39: 7 – 9)”.

On 18 May 2013, karachi Nwachukwu you were busy bugging someone else for birthday gifts, whereas you invited Mr tochukwu charles 08060980124 a contract worker who claims to be a petroleum engineer at an offshore platform in Port Harcourt (according to you) to come and fuck you in Calabar on Saturday 18 May 2013 till Sunday 19 May 2013.

Foolish Mr Njoku Amanze, Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc branch manager in Calabar, Cross River State, if you join wayward Miss sex worker Karachi Nwachukwu in denying it, i will publish the sms and make available the phone calls online for all to hear as most people have seen the original sms transcripts of tochukwu charles dealings with Miss secret prostitute karachi Nwachukwu, and the original email transcripts in which Obioma Bobby son of a professor at Futo, advised and directed Miss secret prostitute Karachi Nwachukwu to allow married men and single boys ejaculate on her after having series of sex with her, and after ejaculating as a result of rubbing their penis on Karachi Nwachukwu's fungal infected clitoris.

That is a grave atrocity and very sinful in the sight of the Lord and in heaven as well. You need to be wiped for your impudence, or else you will miss heaven as Portiphar's wife did.

Karachi Nwachukwu, hope you told young Master Bobby, Futo's professor's son the truth because he is only being foolish by towing the misguided path you are leading him to since you didnt tell him about the conversations and dealings with tochukwu charles on 16 August 2012 till 31 December, 2012; 4 January, 2013, and those of February till May 2013, of which Mr tochukwu charles foolishly said he is still on standby on 2 and 11 January 2013; 6, 7, 11, 19, 20, and 22 of February 2013; 1, 2, 3, 9, 13, 21, 23, 25, 28, and 30 of March, 2013; 5 April 2013; and 8 May 2013. 

How on earth will a reasonable man say that to a woman, when footballers on standby in soccer games are not proud to say they are on standby because it shows stupidity, cowardice and foolishness forever?  Obioma Bobby Opara, son of a Futo professor, Mr Njoku Amanze, and foolish Chuks Mustapha, i pray you become sensible in life and not the dullard dunce fool you are in listening to the words of the lying Miss secret sex worker karachi Nwachukwu.  

3. “And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own? Luke 16: 12”

karachi Nwachukwu, and co, no gain sleeping with other women's husbands (married men) and single boys. You girls should stop sleeping with married men, morerover there is no gain allowing married men and single boys  rub their penis on your clitoris severally till they ejaculate. Do not make yourselves cheap agents of Jezebel. Karachi Nwachukwu i wonder what you gain doing such wayward lifestyle. Scanty said you are cursed for life thats why you do such.

4. “Stolen and coveted waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell (Proverbs 9: 17 – 18)”.

Karachi Nwachukwu, Njoku Amanze a branch manager of Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc in Calabar, Bobby Futo's professor's son, bastard tochukwu Charles, Emmanuel Musa, Ifeanyi skp Opara and co, always know that even if no one is looking at you, God is surely watching you. 

Foolish Njoku Amanze of Diamond Bank Nigeria Plc, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria, do not hear from one party alone, hear from the other part to know the truth and not just hearing lies from Miss secret sex worker karachi Nwachukwu who thrives, wine and dine with married men and single boys, and also denying her sisters Njideka, Nkechi, Momea the Owerri's public toilet were the ones that fucked me even while they were married, whereas she fucked me more than i have ever fucked anyone in life. 

Karachi Nwachukwu tell everyone the truth about my friends Ik Mbachu, Machoman Igweonyia and Leggar who you fucked uncountable times. Karachi Nwachukwu your lies are sinful to be heard. Mr Njoku Amanze a branch manager of Diamond Bank Nigeria in Calabar, Cross River State, hear from all one after the other and not being foolish the more. Mr Njoku Amanze please take note and be wise in life.

Emeka Prosper 08037922492 said karachi is so secretive of the truth, which was why his closet friend married someone else in December 2012 after finding out that Karachi is good only at sleeping with men. Prosper may God continue to bless you forever, Amen!

Bobby a Futo's professor's son and nwa Ijeoma, and Karachi Nwachukwu onye okwu ashi ashi, call Emeka and ask him bcos he is a very honest person. Also email Jude Scanoho to tell you the truth, same with Ifeanyi fifi Onuoha and Vincent

Emeka also said karachi asked him if he knows Teju Egedina and Ogu? If he has slept with them implying Teju and Ogu fuck any man that comes their way like karachi secretly does? Emeka said no and asked karachi why the questions? Karachi in her satanic lying habit just said Emeka should not call her mtn line again, but always call her etisalat line, of which Emeka suspected and knew karachi was hiding the truth and lying as she always does. Emeka said karachi warned him to stay clear from Teju because she (Teju) is a raze street girl and she heard Teju lives with a married man who was a former Owerri Municipal LGA Chairman, along Port Harcourt Road in Owerri; as if she herself (karachi Nwachukwu) is a decent girl. Emeka said he pitied Teju because karachi Nwachukwu assassinated her character by saying the secret whore lifestyle she (Teju) doesnt exhibit like herself (karachi Nwachukwu).

If any doubt, i will freely send you original and unadulterated transcripts of her sms and fone calls with the likes of poorly educated tochukwu charles and others.

See you all in the future because this mail must and will surely go a long way in the nearest future because one with God is a majority and not a lady having crazy sex lifestyle like Queen Sheba and lying like Jezebel of old. 

Karachi you are barren for life.

Mr Njoku Amanze the hired killers sponsor.

From Machoman Igweonyia

Disclaimer- The content and names mentioned in the mail are in no way composed by Nikkynaz Blog .Liabilities or damages will however not be beard by the blog .

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